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How to Identify Top Keyless Lock Brands

No doubt, keyless locks certainly offer the advantage of not having to worry about your key locks, and it also gives you the ease and convenience in ensuring the security of your office or home. With this, the deadbolt installed on your is likely serving the purpose of foiling the attempts of unwanted guests into your homes.

Keyless lock brands differ based on their purpose of use and brand types. Therefore, identifying each of them can be a simple task, provided one is familiar with the companies that produce them.

This piece provides tips on how to identify top keyless locks brands and what makes each of them unique.

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Models like Kwikset Kevo Convert, August Smart Lock and Sesame Smart Lock are explicitly designed to lock with your current security device. These three works with most standard smart locks. For example, the August Smart Lock has compatibility which range from Schlage, Arrow Hardware, and Kwikset.

With these retrofit systems, you get to keep the smart lock to serve its purpose of ensuring security and control. This measure also means that smart locks offer simple ways to add connectivity to your door without replacing the whole of your damaged locks.

The second option is to replace your damaged locks completely. Most smart locks make use of this option. Keyless lock brands that fall in this category are Kwikset Kevo, Yale Assure Touchscreen, and Schlage Bluetooth Deadbolt.

These locks take quality time and much energy to install, but it’s easy to handle by a novice. In this case, you need a screwdriver but ensure that your door is compatible with a smart lock.

Another way of identifying a durable top keyless brand is when to determine if a smart lock needs to be able to communicate with gadgets in your home and with your mobile phone. Admittedly, most of them will perform the task with communication protocols like Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Connecting to Other Household Gadgets

Similar to its protocol communication is to determine its interoperability with other electronic gadgets. The essence of using smart locks to interact with your devices at home is to give you a smooth, seamless remote access to a particular space. Nevertheless, there are still some differences about how that smart lock system operates.

Most brands like Schlage, Yale locks and Kwikset have touchpads. So, you are only expected to punch in your PIN code, and your door will open without using a key.

It is essential to note that using a smart lock does not mean you should abandon your key. Though you might not need one when using a keyless lock, some of these smart locks allow you to use your key too.

Conclusively, smart locks do not necessarily offer you maximum security, but they give adequate control; so that whether you’re home or away, you can remotely lock and open your door and even extend the PIN codes to close relatives, caregivers and those you give access to your home.

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Reliable Locksmith Tucson AZ

3 Keys To Finding A Reliable Locksmith In Tucson, AZ

Many renters and homeowners only think of hiring a locksmith in the event of an emergency. In reality, you may find yourself in need of a locksmith for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons might be lost or misplaced keys, moving into a new apartment or purchasing a new home, losing the keys to your car, or providing your family with protection from home invasions. No matter what the reason, when you need to hire a locksmith, you want to choose the best one you can find. Keep reading for three strategies that will help you find the most reliable locksmith for your Tucson, AZ home.

Locksmith Tucson

  1. Start your search for a trusted locksmith by asking friends, family, and neighbors what locksmiths they’ve used and trusted in that past. Few recommendations are as reliable as candid, unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients and repeat customers.
  2. Check the credentials, website, online review sites, and social media presence of any locksmiths you’re considering. Social proof is the new word-of-mouth and it’s a smart way to vet any professional you’re inviting into your home.
  3. Ask your neighborhood Tucson, AZ police department. Local law enforcement has their pulse on everything happening in the community. The crux of their job is to keep the community safe, and they’re sure to know reliable locksmiths who do exactly that. If the police can trust them, you can, too.

Locksmith Tucson

Locks are one of the most important features of your home. The locks on your interior doors help establish privacy and set boundaries for you family. Your home’s exterior locks play an even more important role. They help keep your family safe and secure inside your home, while keeping potential trouble and danger on the outside. Don’t trust your home to just anyone. Call Tucson Locksmith today at (520) 314-4140 or contact us online. We’re available 24/7 to keep your family safe and your home protected.